Kettlebells For Beginners

I’ve noticed lately that there seems to be a surge in the availability of them in gyms and separate kettlebell classes such as kettlercise.  I’ve been using kettlebells for about year now with great results so I thought I’d share some beginners techniques with you because a lot of people have no idea what to do with them. Below are six easy exercises that you can do every day with kettlebells.

(Please note that these are just random internet images I have borrowed to emphasise my point and demonstrate exercises to you. Also, I’m not a qualified fitness instructor. Just a heads up. )

1)      The Dead Lift Snatch.

30 reps and a low weight to start with.


2)      Goblet Squats.

20 reps and a medium weight to start with. (Only go as low as you feel you can manage.)


3)      Lunges.

15 reps on each leg with a light weight to start with.


4)      Two arm swing.

20 reps on the lowest weight possible to start with.


5)      Pyramid goblet squats. (Going down for one and coming up. Going down for two and coming up until you reach 12 and then work your way back down to 1) Use a light to medium weight to start with.

6)      Pyramid lunges. (As above with a light weight to start with.)

Things to remember:

  • Keep your core tight.
  • Do not lift above your weight when starting out. You don’t want to fall over and a lot of these exercises require balance.
  • Take it slow and easy until you master the movements.

Nice and simple! What are you waiting for?