Subway: Do we love it or hate it?

Now we don’t have the veggie burgers and other mock meat in Subway in the UK, but there are still plenty of options especially for someone who travels a lot like me.

Some vegans I know refuse to eat there, stating that they don’t like salad and bread. I say you should make the most of what you have got. Healthy food at a cheap price, available nearly everywhere. It beats grabbing a bag of over salted peanuts.

Here are some of things that I have when I visit Subway either when I am out on the road or have to take a working lunch.

6” Veggie Delite (no cheese) in a wheat bread sub. I have this with literally all of the salad they have on offer and sweet onion sauce.

Veggie Delight

A foot long Veggie Delite (no cheese) in a wheat bread sub (There are other types such as Hearty Italian, but I’ll only really recommend whole wheat breads.) with all the salad again, but this time ketchup.


A Veggie Delite Salad Box (no cheese) with all of the salad and hot chilli sauce. The picture below shows Redwood’s Chicken Style Pieces scattered over the salad. It tastes good on its own, but sometimes I need some extra texture and protein and I’m lucky that the subway I visit most often has a Nutricentre next door.


There are also ready salted and sweet chilli crisps which I never have, but hey whatever floats your boat.

Walkers-sunbites-sweet-chili-packetwalkers ready slted

The drinks however are all owned by Coca Cola. If you choose to support them, that’s up to you. I personally avoid them where I can.


At least three healthy lunch or dinner options which is a lot more than can be said for most places. Still hate Subway?


4 thoughts on “Subway: Do we love it or hate it?

  1. I actually dislike subway. Before I was a vegetarian, I thought it was great. Then, once I took out meat and cheese from my diets, I got the veggie delight with the patty. It was okay, but there was something that I didn’t really like about it. I’m not one to just have a salad for my meal either. I avoid Subways completely now because I think the quality of their products have went downhill a little bit. For example like any fast food, the photos never look like the real thing. But if you are in a hurry, and looking for a bit of a healthy alternative, I guess Subway will do. 😉

    • Sadly the veggie patty contains egg which means it isn’t vegan. It’s a shame because it’s quite savoury and full of flavour from what I remember. I also think it depends on which branch you use. Some have a really high staff turnover which generally means poor quality food. 😦

      • I see. Interesting. My diet bounces between vegan and basic vegetarian. Whenever I make a good trip to the grocery store I stock up on vegan product. Anyway, you really do need to be careful when it comes to things like that. I avoid gluten and that’s hidden in so many things that claim to be gluten free. I’m from the States, so it does depend on what branch you go to.

  2. When you’re out and about and you *have* to eat but have limited choice, I think Subway isn’t such a bad choice for a healthy vegan option (otherwise, for me it’s usually chips!). I love those sweet chilli Sunbites too! NEVER drink coke though, not just because of it being owned by Coca Cola, but because it truly is crap, a ‘non-food’. Even more than the Sunbites.

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